Peter Ratcliffe  - Hypnotherapy & 

 Theta Healing Practitioner 


Life Perceptions and Programming 

So many of our “Personality Traits” and “Perceptions of the World” are developed in our early years; when we are most susceptible to programming.  

As Bruce Lipton, PHD discusses in his book “Spontaneous Evolution”.  

“The first six years of a child’s life are spent in a hypnotic trance!  

A child’s perceptions of the world are directly downloaded into the subconscious during this time, without discrimination and without filters of the analytical self-conscious mind, which doesn’t fully exist. Consequently, our fundamental perceptions about life and our role in it are learned without our having the capacity to choose or reject those beliefs. We were simply programmed.”  

When you consider that 95% of the time our sub conscious mind is running our life; then it is easy to understand that our fate or future may be under the control of those recorded programs and limiting perceptions. Programs acquired from observing and listening to our parents, siblings, early school teachers and friends.  

This continues through to around age twelve by which time the brain is operating predominantly in the Beta state. That is by no means the end of negative programming and limiting perceptions but that is another story.  

With our conscious mind only looking after around 5% of our life; one can then understand that having a “Post it Note” on the fridge proclaiming that “I am Deserving of Success” or “I am the Perfect Husband”; and then voicing that affirmation twenty times a day is unlikely to result in the desired change.

Trance-formation and Change Sessions.

So often during our young lives we subconsciously accept and take on belief patterns that are not in our future best interests.

These negative beliefs systems can also come forward from parents and past generations. It is likely these are no longer relevant to you, in your life now.

Our Theta Healing therapy can assist with removal of these negative belief programs and support the replacement of more positive and appropriate one’s for you in your life right now.

The choice is with you… towards more; Stable Relationships, Love, Romance, Joy, Abundance, Happy Families, Security, Smiles, Success, Stability, Weight Loss, Travel, Love of Life, Release of Regret, Resentment, Hate and Anger. You name it…That is your God or Universe given right!


Diseases and Disorders 

Cellular Biologist - Dr Bruce Lipton PhD researched and concludes “The chemistry of stress stunts the growth and maintenance of cells to support protection mechanisms. Stress is a primary cause of illness.”  

 So, my (as Peter) initial focus is on releasing any Regrets, Resentments, and Rejections held by my clients. 

Traumatic events, Phobias, Stress and Anxiety are also explored. These are often held in the subconscious level and so many clients are unaware that they are even present.  

Once traced and established; then the appropriate changes can be agreed and enacted upon using Theta Healing techniques to improve overall health and mental well being.. Thus being the ThetaWay towards change.