Peter Ratcliffe  - Hypnotherapy & 

 Theta Healing Practitioner 

"Theta Way to Slim Clinics" are designed to support your current "Weight Loss Program". When your required goals are proving difficult to achieve; even with your total dedication to exercise and focus on healthy inputs.

"Theta Way to Slim Clinics" focus on releasing past trauma and any subconscious belief patterns that maybe sabotaging you; or stopping you achieve your desired weight goals.

Some of our clients remained heavy - just because it made their partner feel safer in the relationship.

Others felt safer by retaining weight and remaining less attractive to unwanted advances.

Within many cultures a heavy stature reflects wealth and power. These beliefs can be carried forward generationally.

Maybe generations past faced famine; DNA changes might have been made to compensate. These may not apply today in a time of relative abundance and your weight just keeps increasing even when you eat like a sparrow.

By remaining open to the realities of Quantum Physics in our real world today; we open opportunities to make real change in Belief, Thought and reality Patterns.

Sometimes DNA, generational Issues or self beliefs might stand between your and goal weight. Then you have to believe that you can actually achieve your goals.

Excuses aside; we can assist you to make your goal reachable and achievable  

Sessions are designed to assist you to excel in all areas of your life; not just with Weight Loss.

Allowing you the Freedom to be "Your Authentic Self" in the Highest and Best Form Possible

Allowing you Freedom and release from those old feelings of Stress, Anxiety and Doubt.

Side Effects may include :- Relationship Improvement, Tasks achieved with Ease and Grace, Random Joyful and Ecstatic Outbursts, Happy Partner, Happy Families, An ever present beaming smile, Over Confidence, an Abundance of Selfies to remind you how amazing you feel and look; just to name a few.....

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