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I am not present physically full time on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. During my time there I offer a different perspective to the services you may have become accustomed to. 

I love regression work whether that is revisiting repressed issues in childhood and reframing those; so they no longer control, dominate and degrade your relationships or life experience.

Past Life Regression has been a place some clients choose to explore or just end up at. So many issues can be explained and reframed by just placing awareness upon the event/ or repetition of. 

PTSD and Trauma issues or events can be addressed using a number of modalities that I have trained in. We can choose the best process during interview. 

Anxiety, insomnia and stress issues have been high on the list of my booked clients. I am well aware that so many successful people face the same fears or beliefs as we all do. So much coming through from parental issues, school bullying or even ancestral fear and life conditioning.

Yes, some of my clients have relationships or experiences with off planet or alien beings. I totally accept that possibility; to support and guide them to expand that in the best possible way for their Higher Self to align and find comfort or acceptance.

For those that choose I can incorporate a more spiritual  or guided aspect. With respect to the reality that we and everything are all aspects of everything else.

So Peter Ratcliffe Clinics committed to June 2021 Sunshine Coast. 

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Skype and Phone Sessions available at any time by arrangement. Covid Lockdown conditions proved to me that these can be just as powerful and successful as Face to Face sessions.

So looking forward to meeting you in Noosa, Marcus Beach, Sunshine Beach, Coolum, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Coloundra, Nambour, Yandina, Peregian, Buderim.

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