Peter Ratcliffe  - Hypnotherapy & 

 Theta Healing Practitioner 

Soul Timeline Journeys  

Life Regression & Progression Sessions. 

Options include :- 

Current Life Regression Therapy or Future Progression .

Past Life Regression Therapy - Exploring your past lifetimes.

Future Life time Progression - Exploring opportunities available in lifetimes to come.

By remaining open to the possible realities of Quantum Physics in our real world today; we open opportunities to make real change in our lives. Belief patterns, ancestral fears and physical health issues faced today may have been brought forward from earlier life experiences or even prior incarnations (Past Life/Lives).

On occasion Regression Therapy sessions move directly into Past Lives; offering answers to physical and emotional issues in this lifetime.

Sometimes DNA, generational Issues, past life or embedded beliefs might stand between you and your optimum health; or success and happiness in this life.

Once cleared then you have a clear run to actually achieve your goals and dreams. Allowing you the Freedom to be "Your Authentic Self" in the Highest and Best Form Possible. 

Nelson - Motueka Tasman Clinics - New Zealand and Globally via Skype or phone.